Frequently Asked Questions

What does HER stand for?
Healing Empowerment Release

What is a HER weekend like?
It is an experiential weekend with various processes to allow the participants to look into themselves and see what they are hiding and repressing so that they may move past them.

Will I receive food and lodging?
Yes, your food and lodging is included in the price of the weekend.

What if I have food issues?
You can talk to the Participant Coordinator about you food issues. In almost all cases, we have been able to accommodate all food issues, even if you need to bring food and have it kept in the kitchen facilities.

Will I have my own room?
No, lodging is anywhere from 3 to a room to 12 to a room. The rooms will have bunkbeds with mattresses, but no bedding. You will share bathroom facilities as well.

What will I need to bring?
Upon admission to the weekend, you will be emailed a packet which will contain a list of items you will need to bring, which will include bedding, toiletries, a towel, flashlight, etc.

What if I can’t afford it?
We have financial assistance which includes interest-free payment plans.